I’m excited about bringing back some loaves of old school pine tar soap. Pine tar soap has traditionally been used for relief of psoriasis and eczema, and the National Psoriasis Foundation recommends the use of pine tar products for the treatment of psoriasis. Pine Tar soap has a characteristic smokey scent. We’ve made it available unscented and in two scents that complement the natural smell of pine tar soap — Balsam & Cedar and Dragon’s Blood.

We’ve also got a new line of men’s soap on the website – Meat Soap! These new soaps are formulated using classic soap ingredients like beef tallow and lard with modern ingredients like hemp seed oil. The end results is a classic bar of true soap in a collection of manly scents.


  1. jmynhier says:

    I was looking for the Bath Bombs & Candles….now I see that you just haven’t put them on the website.
    Love that you have your “story” on here. As you can tell I enjoyed shopping. I will share your products with my friends. Let me know when you get your other products on the website. : )
    Question/Suggestion: Do you have any shavings/leftover soap after cutting it? I would really enjoy a small “sachet” bag of soap shavings to put in my clothing drawers. It makes them smell so nice. I’ve done this with the whole bar of soap. What I’m suggesting may be too time consuming, just a thought. :>))

  2. sabrinatanguay01 says:

    Look no furher for bathbombs! I used to buy my bathbombs from a larger retail store until I started using Sweet Waffle Farm’s bathbombs. Their products are not overly scented and they leave my skin feeling smooth; I always look forward to the new scents they create and love their committment to quality products and customer service.

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