Wax Warmer




Use this Wax Warmer with your favorite scents of Sweet Waffle Farm Wax Melts as an alternative to scented candles without the worry of a flame.

This no-mess wax warmer has a silicone dish making it easy to clean and easy to change fragrances. The LED design gives a lovely ambiance. It is 6 inches tall and 3.5 inches in diameter.

To use: Place a wax melt piece in the silicone dish on top of the wax warmer. Combine two or more scents to create personalized fragrances. Plug in the warmer and turn it on. As the wax melts, enjoy the aroma filling the room. The duration of fragrances varies but is comparable to the duration of a scented candle with a similar amount of wax. When the fragrance fades, turn off the melter and allow wax to fully cool. Easily remove cooled wax by flexing the silicone dish. Clean silicone dish as needed with water and mild soap if changing fragrances.

Check out our Wax Melts tab to find a variety of delightful scents.

Additional information

Electrical Rating

120V, 60Hz, 15W

Bulb Type

NP7 Candle Warmers Etc. Plug-in bulb

Switch Type

Rocker Switch


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